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Hey guys - just bought my first 4WD and was looking around for a good manual.
There are two Haynes manuals listed and am not sure if either of them are what I need

It's a 1997 RX GQ II 2.8L (RD28), but the Haynes manuals switch from one version to another at 97/98 and neither list exactly what I have.

The 1988-1997 manual has the 4.2 litre (TD42)
Nissan Patrol Ford Maverick 1988 - 1997

And the 1998-2014 manual has a 2.8 litre turbo (RD28ETi)
Nissan Patrol 1998 - 2014

Which better matches what I have, or is there a better manual out there that I should get instead?
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