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Has anyone modified their headlights to extend the breathers?

With the wet winter that we had in melbourne, and the rainfall over cup weekend, my ute saw some deep water this year (first time since I bought it).

On the one snow trip the lights got their first water ingress, and it was a hell of a pain drying them out in winter.

And with the rivers up in the Wonnagatta over cup weekend, there were multiple over bonnet water crossings, which resulted in condesation in the lights (turned out to be a fair bit of water once removed.

The seals around the globe appeared to be doing their job really well, so the other point of ingress that I could see was the breather tubes. I would have thought that these would have created an airlock in the headlight...

Anyone extended these tubes, maybe as far as through the firewall?
1 - 2 of 3 Posts
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