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After Monday and Tuesday, even the calender says W
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Cooked my own version of chicken kiev tonigh for peggy and me..
2 tsp of crushed garlic, a nice big chunk of butter, a splash of worcestershire..zap in microwave, stir and place in freezer.

Grab 2 sheets of puff pastry..

Place a chicken breast on each sheet of pastry and score the breast about 1/2 depth with a sharp knife..

Grab your garlic butter from freezer and place on chiken breast ..

Grab an egg and and beat it with a fork and paint it on the pastry as you fold it over chicken to seal in flavour..

I then spray an oven tray whack them in and bake on 150c for an hour or untiil olden brown, Ithen erve on a bed of rice.
9121 - 9122 of 9122 Posts