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1991 GR Y60 LWB RD2.8TD
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Hello from the USA.
Name is Matt and I own a '91 GR Y60 LWB RD2.8TD. (215,000 Km)

Found this guy on ebay from a Polish couple who were traveling the Americas but had to part ways early. At the time, I honestly had no idea what it was but I thought it looked fricken awesome! So, I placed a bet and won! To get it, I had to fly to Oregon and drive back cross country to Maryland. And I LOVE it!! I have learned a lot already through this forum and am looking forward to becoming a true member of the family and representing you all well in the states.

The Polish couple had done a lot to ensure its reliability on their trip to include:
rebuilt turbo
new radiator
new exhaust
new clutch
new shocks and suspension bushings
new glowplugs
new belts/tensioners
fuel pump rebuilt
They also had a plethora of off road gear and camping equipment.

For my purposes, I ripped out the massively heavy 4 wooden draw system they had in the back and have left the back open for now.

Some of my goals for the future include:
getting a second row seats installed
improving handling
perhaps an intercooler
installing a lightweight, low-profile draw system
and some other odds and ends

Thanks All!


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Welcome to our forum mate, looks like a good buy, low k for a 91 model, looks well maintained. We have a few US/Canadian members and a specific section, one of our US members is expert at knowing where to buy bits for them. If you go to the main menu and click on the GU/GR Y61 section and then go to the DI subsection, then DI Archives, yo will find a workshop manual you can download in post #9, it covers the 2.8 engine in one early section.
There is also a Y60 manual in the GQ Y60 section, but I'm not sure that one covers the 2.8 engie.

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Welcome ! Glad you got to enjoy the cross country trip already!
I remember seeing this for sale on Craigslist years ago..
I am in Texas along with few other Patrols, post up the Canada/USA section for questions or parts resources.

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Welcome aboard, great looking GQ! Or Y60 for you :)
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