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Hi Guys, I am new to the forum and just wanted to say hi. I have previously owned two shorty Patrols, MQ and GQ. Since i have had kids, i have been driving a Holden station wagon. I am really keen to get myself another 4x4 and get back into camping/fishing etc.

The finances are a little restricted at the moment, but when that changes i will be looking at getting a GU. I just don't know which version yet! My prevoius ones were duel fuel, but i am thinking diesel might be the choice this time. Fuel economy is the one thing that will be a major influence in my decision.

After a quick look around on the net, i have found that the 4.5L petrol verion seems to be the cheaper model. Is that simply because they chew the juice? Ultimately i would like the 4.2l turbo diesel, but they are still pulling good money. Maybe the 3.0l????
Any pros and cons are welcome!

Anyway, i look forward to learning lots and meeting new people through this site.

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