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gday all new to patrol 4x4 been using this site for info for a while now but i finally need some specific advice currently running 18psi into my 06 td42 ute upgraded top mount and a 2871 standard pump maxed out making 133kw at the rears standard tyres ...

anyway im now in the process of going front mount intercooler and a custom intake plenum [standard intake raised 50 or more mm with inlet towards front ] will post cfm of before and after and finally a pump most likely from united deisel ...

now what i need to know as im thinking im about to purchase it is dose anyone know if this will flow more than adeqully ?

NEW England AIR Filter Housing Filters With Mounting Bracket | eBay

say if im ecpecting to run 25psi and make 170+ rwkw if any doubt what filter would you use if you where to custom make your own airbox ?

expert advice greatly appreciated :):)
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