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Hi guys, where do i start. I know theres quite a few gurus with these auto boxes on here, so ill explain best i can!

Specs- 24v safari
Gu zd30 auto fully rebuilt.
J7 converter 2100rpm stall
Manual manual torque convertor lockup kit
Brand new tps putting out correct voltage .02 - 3.7v

Now, ever since i bought this car its had a slight glitch with the factory auto. NO engine braking in 3rd gear.
Even when locked!! Every other gear works perfectly locked and unlocked.

When you lock the torque converter in 3rd you feel it lock and stays locked under accelleration or cruising. As soon as you back off, revs drop to idle and pulse up to 1000rpm and feels like someone tapping the brakes every few seconds.

If you drive in 3rd unlocked even at higher speeds, and let your foot off throttle, there isnt the slightest bit of resistance from engine, and still does the pulsing....
Which leads me to think its to do with the overrun solenoid... but why is it only i 3rd??? Does anyone know anything about this???

I have changed everything and every solenoid is new in the gearbox with rebuild.
The old box had the same problem which is why i think its the car wiring/tcu.

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