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Hey guys just noticed a fuel leak from my gq. I thought it was the filler pipe but on closer inspection i found a hole in the tank from where the tail shaft has been hitting it. I have tried to think of any way to fix it but have come to the conclusion that i will need a new/custom tank.

Does anyone know anywhere in adelaide (CBD preferably) that could fabricate a new tank or customise my old one to be about 2 inches shorter.

Any help would be awesome


but being serious,
theres a small joint, that do fuel tank work
at gepps cross, on Main North Road..
tiny little place just back from the drive in.

remember ages ago, dropping a car of to get repair done in the fuel tank.
sorry cant remember what they where called.

EDIT: dunno why the pic is so small..
the writing says...

"its behind the 1st car yard, up the little alley way in the green shed"

i dunno them, but when i was working for a car yard, had to take a car there.
place looks pretty ferral, but i think its just messy and never tidyed up.


1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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