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Hi guys,

new to this forum, need some help with my 4.8lt Gu, l have a few cars so after buying this one l drive it for a few weeks, it was fine, then didn`t drive it for about 2 weeks or so not that, that did anything to curse this problem, when l syarted it again it had a load lifter noise, l drove it a bit no more then 100kays, then the other day l started pulling it apart to see whats making that noise, l`ve got the rocker cover off, and the 1st lifter is missing it`s top which would be the lash cap that l found bent to the shyzzenhouser,

now should l keep pulling the head off, or just replace the missing cap with a new one

and how and why the f*&# did it fall out in the 1st place, because the cam is holding it down

any help would be appreciated,

also you guys know any workshops in melbourne that have worked on these 4.8lt dungers

thanks guys
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