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Hi everyone,
I have been on this site for a while now but first time i have posted.
We currently have 2 Y61 GU patrols with RD 28 and Manual transmissions.
1 is a 98 model pretty well stock, the other is a 99 model has 3" exhaust with a hot dog, EGT and Boost gauges. Both are in the 300k Km
range although one is at the start and the other is approaching the 400k mark. As they are both being driven by my sons one who has had his licence for a couple
of years and the other by an L plater they tend to get driven pretty hard. however they do just seem to keep on going taking it all in their stride.
Thanks for letting me ramble on here and i will be posting some questions later looking for some technical answers.
Cheers Peter
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