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Hi all,

My name's Brendan. I'm 25 years old, and live in the Adelaide Hills, SA. I work as Sales Coordinator for the family business, FNB 4WD Supplies in Mt Barker SA.

I recently purchased my first 4WD: a 2001 GU ST Wagon with a blown-up 3.0L Diesel, and a 5.7L LS1 V8, ready to pop in its' place. I'm aiming to have the rig up and going halfway through this year. Check out my garage to see it in its' current state.

I haven't done much 4WDing myself, but have been around it for 15 years or so with the family, and the times that I have got to drive offroad (most recently the 5.0L chopped GQ wagon we have at work), well what can I say - it just felt right. I love the challenge 4WDing offers, and found that the adapted driving styles came fairly naturally to me - yep, like everybody else on here, I got bitten by the bug.

I guess I should have got the bug earlier, working where I do, but the time working there without a 4WD, and learning about the different products and their applications and functionality has helped a lot with being able to plan out my first project.

I'm now waiting (although impatiently) and saving my cash for the engine conversion, after which the wishlist (and my wallet :p) will cop a beating. I did pretty well on the vehicle, but the conversion will end up costing more than I paid for both the GU and the LS1, which is why I'm aiming for it to be on-road in June/July... Oh well, what can ya do? :D

Anyways, that's enough dribble I reckon...
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