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High Beam issue GQ

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Got a TD42 GQ and the passenger side high beam isn't working. Parkers, low beam is fine but not high beam.

what i've tried so far.
*put the globe on the drivers side and it works, high beam and low beam.

*put a meter on it and i get 12+v without the globe in but with it in its drops to 0.1v essentially nothing.

*Cleaned the contacts up a bit

any ideas?
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Thanks for the search tips :rolleyes: but i'm well aware of the google website and how its used to find stuff on the internet.

i've also mastered the search function on the forum as well and tried/looked at faults that could be related. incase you were wondering. seemed to be the closest one to my issue but hasn't seemed to fix issue.
so MQ MAD did you end up having to replace the whole combo switch or just a cleanup fixed it?
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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