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High clearance 4wd volunteers

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Hey all, couple of us on here are wanting to help out this weekend and have heard that 4wd's are needed. Have looked on the volunteer website but can't really find anything.

Anybody got any info where we might be able to find out.

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i find it ironic that they are asking for high clearance 4x4's lol ........ good on ya QLD ban em then ask for our help .......
Every cloud has a silver lining somewhere...

How much ammo will this give the 4WD fraternity in future battles with bureaucracy if they get a big roll up of Volly's helping out... and from Joe Public who is the one getting the help.

IF you do turn up to help for Gods sake be safe tho, and Yom is right, just 'cause your helping doesn't mean your insurer will help you if something goes pear shaped.

I joined the S.E.S years ago and commend it or similar volly groups (RFS, St Johns, Salvos)
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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