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G'day Guys

Well my car has been off the road for a while, doing some suspension work and im now just waiting for my shocks to arrive so i decided to check over a few things while its in the shed as im planning to do the CSR in few months, So i noticed the chassis is bulging out under the rear spring top hat :(. After talking to ATOC autos the bloke mentioned that the car has been hitting the bump stops which makes sense, i have had the car for about two years and i have not hit the bump stops that i know of (you would know if you did right?). I think there is a slight hair line crack near the weld but it is very very fine if their is one at all. I have ordered the atoc support bracket and i will get my dad to weld them in just wondering if i should clean that area up and run a new weld there i dont see why not but would like a second opinion.The guy from atoc also mentioned that i will be able to hammer the bulge bit in with a rubber mallet.

atocs pic CHASSIS seat cracks 024.jpg

Any advice or opinions would be much appreciated

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