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Homemade roof console GQ

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here is my roof console it took me 2 days to put together only problem I am having is trying to wire it up. I might go down the drivers side floor pan and follow up the rear pillar.

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yes i did sand it back
Table Furniture Countertop Room

Table Furniture Bumper Wood

i have also added some netting across the top of each side

will post more pic when finished wiring
i made the width 250mm so it does not touch the sun virsors :p
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how does one mount the console to the roof?
am considering going something similair in me GU wagon so would mounting options be same?
see the 3 pic and the 5 pic
i used where the mirror and the Interior light. I had to use bigger screw for the light one because i used 12mm ply
I made the console then mounted the mounts and drew around were it would sit when the console is installed for easier placement.
the only thing i would do different is move the rear support back more it would make it easy to install
lucky the missus has small hands.
Easy as that? jeez I am a bit embarrassed as to why I havn't started mine yet.
Thanks phatty.
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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