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Homemade roof console GQ

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here is my roof console it took me 2 days to put together only problem I am having is trying to wire it up. I might go down the drivers side floor pan and follow up the rear pillar.

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yes i did sand it back
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i have also added some netting across the top of each side

will post more pic when finished wiring
i made the width 250mm so it does not touch the sun virsors :p
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I fed my wires up the passanger side.

what i used was a offcut from the blue wire from the arb air lockers and then wrapped the wires around that with tape, then fed that up the pillar arcross the roof.

but um if you pulled the whole door trim thingy off, i think the roof might drop enough to be able to just get your hand up in there.
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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