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I've just had to replace the globe holders in the GU as they weren't holding the connection anymore. The holder loom can be removed from the light housing and disconnected at the other end to completely remove from the vehicle for working on. (Garry from Nizzbits to the rescue)
I solder joined the extra loom into this on the bench with crimp connectors on the other end to join into the bar lights. I also solder the wire into the crimp as well cos I'm paranoid. Always use heat shrink on electrical work but especially in this area cos it cops all the road moisture and rubbish thrown up, let alone off-road mud etc.
Now I can still disconnect the loom from all lights as needed but am confident that the joins are solid.
If you are going to do this type of work a good crimper and quality crimps are worth their weight. I also have a butane powered soldering iron I carry when traveling as well as the multi-meter.
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