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How do you apply fuel additive?

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Just wondering how others add fuel additives to their tank.

For the sub tank I add it when the tank is empty before I go to the servo.

The main tank I add it at the servo via a syringe and pump the fuel in after. I figure the fuel falling in will help mix it plus I wouldn't want to drive to the servo with a full dose of additive and almost no fuel.
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does the fuel additive make any difference? what type are you using and what exactly does it do?
I am using Chemtech Diesel Power.

I have only run one tank through the patrol so far so probably a bit early to tell.

It did seem to run better (more power) and I don't think it was a placebo affect because I had forgotten I had put it in and then later thought "hmm the patrol is running well at the moment" It wasn't until a few days later I remembered there was additive in the tank.

Anyway, it is supposed to do everything a hiclone does and then some:

Increased power
Reduced fuel consumtion
Clean and lube various parts of the engine internals
Stops algae growing in your diesel
disperses water in the fuel so it goes through the engine without causing problems

I bought the additive to add to the sub tank as I hadn't used it for a while and I was worried about water in the sub tank.
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