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How do you apply fuel additive?

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Just wondering how others add fuel additives to their tank.

For the sub tank I add it when the tank is empty before I go to the servo.

The main tank I add it at the servo via a syringe and pump the fuel in after. I figure the fuel falling in will help mix it plus I wouldn't want to drive to the servo with a full dose of additive and almost no fuel.
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i dont believe in fuel add's. we stopped using them thanks to the capped price service deal but the wynns stuff and even the petrol stuff don't do anything that regular fuel cant do. but back when we used the add's whatever didn't get used i gave to my neighbour. he reckons they're great..
tell you a neat trick: get a lawn mower hot, run it dry, put a full fuel additive in the tank and keep on mowing. (i suggest you use an old lawn mower if you don't want to ruin your $900 one)

one day a couple of years ago i ran out of fuel and i couldn't be bothered running up to the servo to fill up. i had several bottles of cartech fuel additive in my shed and put one in my mower. thing kept running for half an hour.
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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