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How many KiloWatts is a stock 4.2?

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Hi guys,
I made the mistake of telling my insurance company that I'd put a 3" system on.
They want to know how many kilowatts it was before and after the mod. I asked them to look it up in a book but they come up with some limp dic excuse.
I have dyno result for after mod's but not before.
Does anyone know?

06, intercooled 4.2 Cab chassis
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If it was my insurance company "oh, I only did it to restore it back to factory performance, because I could tell performance was dropping off as things wore... yeah, it's now back within 2kW of new performance". :angel:
That's crap. Time to name and shame the insurer???
Well before anyone jumps the gun, maybe the fine print on the policy needs to be checked.

No point bagging a company for sticking to it's policies and it's better that they point it out now rather than a no pay if a claim is made.

My insurance company told me straight out that, as long as they are legal, I can have unlimited modifications. If this company didn't then I would have thought they are within their rights to not cover the mod.
Not a question of fine print mate, but of the suitability of this company for the majoriy of readers of this forum who have some degree of mods (tyres, suspension, exhaust etc). There are some out there who will let you have a few performance mods named on the policy which are perhaps more suitable for the average forum folk; but when you're even providing some reasonable evidence that you're within 2kW of spec and they wan you to jump through ridiculous hoops - 'road licensing authority' - sounds like they're asking for an engineering cert. Many companies will say exhaust mods are in or out; give a maximum no of mods (Ie unlimited accessories but max 3 mods was the limit of one of my insurers years ago). IMO it sounds like his insurer is being too damn difficult on this one, so I'd prefer to know who it is so I can personally avoid them!

BTW - Its not worth having mods like that not listed on your policy IMHO. Too much scope for them to wriggle out of payment! I've found my insurers helpful in the past when ringing them up and saying 'I want to do this... Will you allow it'. Then arguing my justification however it suits (Ie I want to install diff locks to take stress off the driveline when I'm on dirt roads) to which you can often get them to say yes without really understanding! Then just say 'great, put it on my policy tuen cause I'll get it done tomorrow'!
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1 - 3 of 21 Posts
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