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How many KiloWatts is a stock 4.2?

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Hi guys,
I made the mistake of telling my insurance company that I'd put a 3" system on.
They want to know how many kilowatts it was before and after the mod. I asked them to look it up in a book but they come up with some limp dic excuse.
I have dyno result for after mod's but not before.
Does anyone know?

06, intercooled 4.2 Cab chassis
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That seems too high for a stock 4.2?
Thats 2KW shy of what I have now after 3" and turbo mod and tune?
Iv'e got before and after of the turbo mod and tune. the 3" was put on 3 months earlier.
I'll stick with 111KW boosted to 113KW with the exhaust.
Thanks guys
I can't believe them.
I said it has gone from 113KW as stated in new vehicle specs to 115KW and this is the response I got.
With the exhaust - increase in performance – can you confirm for our records if the vehicle has been passed by Road Licensing Authority/ (It’s a general question) as any modifications such as this will need to be referred to our Underwriting Department for acceptance

I'm getting 94KW at the rear wheels too.
The 113KW was what I found on internet specs for new 06 Cab Chassis and the highest reading on my dyno readout was 116KW so I presume they are both engine power only.
This is what I replied to them last night, still to get a reply..

The exhaust upgrade has only returned the engine back to original specs, after age the engine starts to loose power due to exhaust clogging up and engine wear.
I haven't had a Road Licensing Authority check on using the Ultimate fuel which has boosted KW. If this becomes an issue I will have to stop using this fuel that is supplied by BP.
The snorkle too has not been passed which can increase KW.
I think you know this is getting ridicules.......
Tell the Underwriting Department that it's not the vehicle that causes problems, "it's the nut behind the wheel". Do more research on the driver for more accurate results in underwriting. Start with looking at how many crashes and infringements the driver has had.

Not sure if this will work for me, or against but getting sick of such petty bullshight.
Thanks for the replies.
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