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Just wondering who can claim the most K's done in their 3ltr to date and still going strong!

I know I am just a babe in the woods but here goes... Mid 2004 GUIII with 250,000ks 11/13

Engine mods:
Snorkle, Dtronic and K&N filter (for city) since 1,000K's,
New MAF at 70,000K's - blocked EGR at 70,001K (so it won't happen again),
EGT and Boost gauges at 74,000K's (should have done this since new!),
2 1/2" dump pipe at 75,000K's - what a difference!
Permanent vacuum to the turbo and in cabin boost control at 76,000K's,
Oil catch can since 77,000K's (also should have done this since new!!!!) Thanks hhl...
2 1/2" exhaust at 77,000K's
Converted auto locking hubs to manual at 85,000K's - Thanks to Davo 4800 02 Pootroling for the mod.
Delphi Sediment bowl and supplementary lift pump at 98,000K's
New water pump at 100,000k's (radiator specialist stuffed it :( )
New glow plugs at 104,000ks - one was open circuit
Installed 8" aftercooler fan at 105,000
Cleaned aftercooler for the first time at 120,000, should probably be done at every major :)
Changed lift pump to a Holley Red at 120,000 (installed a check-valve across it so that it would let fuel be sucked by the VP44 should the Holley fail)
Changed lift pump back to the Facet at 140,000 cause the Holley Red died :lol:
New shocks at 140,000
New glow plugs at 155,000ks - 2 had high resistance
Changed lift pump to a Carter 4600hp at 200,000
Replaced alternator at 207,500
New glow plugs at 209,000ks - 2 had high resistance - installed glow plug timer - thanks to q8160 for the mod.


Here is a recap of some of the higher numbers from 3ltr Patrols that are still going strong from this thread -

240k 8/12 - crtsd's 2000 GU2 ZD30 Auto, servicing and installing oil pressure & water temp senders next weekend
243k 1/12 pete n jodie's bus, still seems to be going great with good fuel economy
244k 11/09 - Fergus 01 model, just had the turbo replaced
244k 9/11 - matthewperk's ride, just picked her up and is running like a kitten!
245k 7/09 - rawlos 00 model, no problems, daws, chipped, i/c fan, blocked egr, ect ect.......
247k 3/10 - dan ahern 00 model, only prolem was when i cracked oil filter housing on routine servise schedule
247k 3/10 - punch clowns 00 model, holed a piston at 247k, cheap repair in parts but a bit of labour for me, was running like a dream right up to the second before it holed no1 piston, its stock no mods at all
250k's 3/09 - Hasany 2000 GuII
250k 2/12 Bundyrumandcoke's 2005
250k 8/11 - Shane Mc's 2004 GU brought it with 175,000 on the clock
251k 6/11 - Looney's 2001 DX - had it from 210,000km, Running strong and 12lt/100km driven like I stole it!!
252k 1/12 Shane Mac's 2004 lifted and locked has 252000 and does not miss a beat
252k 7/08 - Mitch - blew DM fly wheel, replace the A/C Pulley and clutch assembly ($600 ) due to the bearings giving out.
254k 7/09 - lowy44 - bought 2nd Hand, wouldn't swap it for the world.
260k 11/11 - MAVREX 2004 Auto 3.0L, bought last yr, only semi-serious fix - coolant leak from top radiator hose entering motor
260k 7/09 - Everyplacers 2003 Patrol GR
260K - windman met a farmer from Dalwalinue with a 2001 GU 3l wagon @ 260ks
260K 8/11 - PaulnLou's mate - The only out of the ordinary failure has been a belt tensioner earlier this year and a clutch ( driving style...)
260k 9/11 - mark z - 260000kms no probs
260K 3/10 - AuntyMs 2000 ST - Only replaced the turbo (to be verified by AuntyM)
263k's - dirty wheels (thinks it would not have gone bang if he had EGT and boost gauges installed)
265k 7/12 - Backlash's GU IV 3.0 ST-S still going strong.
266k 2/12 - KiwiFella's 01 GUII ST 3.0Di Auto no engine mods, only serviced every 5,000... still fine, drives awesome.
269k 9/12 - strict9's 2001 GUII cracked head @ 265ish, fitted NADS now so fingers crossed I will see another 200?
270k 6/10 - mike.k's 2001 GUII all stock, no mods
270k 2/12 - MartyC's 2003 Wagon, done two laps of Australia towing a very large caravan
274k 2/12 Warisbale's 2000 st 274000 still gets me where i wana go n back home agean turbos a bit worn though
278 12/11 - GOTGU4.2's mates dads with no nads at all only drama a failed maf! Yes I am amazed too....…lol
280k 06/09 - joys 2005 GU - except for slight overheating at heavy loads - all perfect...
280k 10/11 - has 380k but original engine replaced at 98k, 5th gear rebuild, cracked head at 260k, 3 turbos (ok 2 were dodgy rebuilds so really only one)
280k - stuartcarr2002 found on a for sale site (wrekon all country k's)
284k - Matt_GU 03 model sold 11/07 with 284k - it needed a clutch when he sold it, apart from that it had 2 sets of brake pads, 2 sets of tyres and a water pump replaced.
284k 3/11 - barnesy's 2000 guII - 263 895kms and still going strong
285k's 1/10 - barbz GUIII - Rebuilt auto trans @ 275k
286k 1/11 - webbie71 - GUIII 2003 No engine mods. Belt Tensioner assembly went 3 days ago. Apart from that all good.
288k 7/12 - Nagz 01 GU ST II 3.0L Auto - rebuild - just hit 1600km goes awesome now Wasnt a grenade either, just no coolant and did a head gasket
289k 8/12 - bricky's year 2000 gu series 2
293k 10/13 - daemonus's 00, Bought it used at 258.000, broken turbocharger. Replaced it, everything is perfect since
294k 8/08 - GuBlue's 2000 Series 2 and going strong, new fly wheel / clutch and leaking inter cooler.
295k 3/10 - taxi pats 03 st auto - just ticked over 295000kms other than the crank sensor failing in the first few days of ownership it has run like a dream, MAF was replaced at 290k
295ks - 4/12 - Beavers 2002 - No drams with anything. Belt tensioner pulley bearing due to be done, EGR valve died at 250k, now sold
297k 12/11 - fatcatsam's 2001 Dx Patrol, Ex Police owned since 65,000 now 297,000k with possible head/ gasket issues.
300k 12/11 - scrawni's 03 GU3 - belt tensioner (seems the norm) and shocks 270k and I drive it like I stole it, no nads and she hammers on I can tell you.
300k 1/11 - Towie's mate - has over 300k on his & no probs at all with his 3ltr.
300k 1/11 - Nissan GU98's 02 GU III - running beautiful no problems at all!
300k - stuartcarr2002 found on a complaints site - 300,000k's with faulty fuel pump (The guy was not happy about the fuel pump)
300k+ 4/10 - Smokey2.8 reported a 2004 GU3 ex police car purchased at 80K and now has over 300K and poor servicing going great guns.
300k 1/11 - Polar Bear's GUII 3L Di 2000 DX - changed in the last 70k the MAF and aircon clutch bearing thingo...
305k 11/13 dan ahern's 04 - i have not needed to touch a thing at all,only replace the power steering box
305k 6/09 - Powermann - 2001 issue ZD30 - driven hard all over western australia (60% off bitumen). It's never missed a beat!
310k 2/11 - szepy - 2000 gu, i run 35 since i got it with 250 on clock and i only have a snorkle and it gooing strong for me
310k 10/10 - 4x4fun - late 2000 auto - Full stock except 2'' "cheap" lift to fit 33'' and dual battery. Maintenance: once changed rear brake pads, 2 MAF's over time, 2 belts, Oil/filters changed every 5-7k.
310k 8/13 - chrish04gu's 04 model, have just done its 310000km service
313k 4/11 - Prospectors 2000 3.0ltr, no engine mods. replaced clutch @ 240K and new aircon compressor, and tensioner pulley/bearing.
314ks 8/13 - Foo's 2002 and no problems, motor is still quiet
318k 2/12 - B-rye's 05 DX - shes an ex lease vehicle with full service history as thick as a book needs a new belt tension thought
320ks 12/08 - barbz' mate, 2000 model manual, it has had a real hard life as a farm car but still going strong. Only issue was the MAF which was replaced around 260,000km.
320k 2/13 - Bogmeister's 2003 - I cracked the head at 295k by driving thru waist deep slime and the driving up the Toowoomba range. I cant blame the 3.0l for that
330k's - pluckr
340k - bentaxle - My 2000GU 3LTD did 340k before she let go.
342k 7/10 - harry6781 ran into into Kunnanurra said he just traded in his 2001 zd30 it had 342K on the clock. limp mode when towing was the only problem he ever had. He had owned it from new
350k 6/10 - truckers gu mates 2004 3.0lt, bog stock doesn't service it and drives it like he stole it 5days a week, hasn't put a spanner to it yet and still goes strong.
350k - metric's 2001 GUII, - Rebuilt at about 350,000 before it went bang. now has 418k 1/11
350k 6/12 - Tom 008's gu11 has 350 km and going good
35xk 8/13 - Butterz's 03-04 guIII just might need to replace one glow plug and still need to do the timer mod, other then that runs great
385k 7/11 - bones2898's 2002 - Still get 800-1000kms off full tanks. pulls the caravan on hols with the family, the harder you work them the more they love it.
395k 6/12 - upyjunior
397k's 9/09 - Patrolmad
400k's - dirty wheels 2001 GUII including top end rebuild at 263ks
401k 12/11 - Tom 008's 2002 model NO problems
406k 7/12 - bones2898's 2002 model, just done a oil change, total on the clock now 406k going like a train.
415k 3/12 - gilly78 Mine is up to 515,000kms. I bough it off my father who had a new donk put in at 115,000 kms, (turbo self destructed) so the second one has clocked over 400,000kms, and isn't missing a beat
447k 7/10 - auggie found a 2001 DX 447 000km for sale, ex pilot vehicle
448k - dan ahern (one of our European members) saw a 00 model with 280 thou miles on it.
500k - OGJON's neighbour - 98 GU auto, just over 500,000klms on the clock not a single problem with it
500ks - Sudso boss at 500k's (posted by Dave_STR) 99 or 00 model - Most of those kays were towing a tandem trailer fully loaded. (Now expired, we do not know the cause)
720k - dan ahern (one of our European members) - I saw an 01 model with 450 thou miles on it owned by a haulage company near my home. IN HIS OWN WORDS [I NEVER PUT A SPANNER TO IT] now who knows what to think,but this man wouldnt b.s..... he does drive it right though and minds it. still going strong.....

Go the mighty trols :bigthumb:

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I sold mine when it was about the 100,000 mark but that was after the motor was replaced.
Have a mate who has 270,000 on one with no problems.

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May 2001 GU II did 263000K and went bang. Haven't done much since I rebuilt it, been too busy away. Hopefully get to do some running in soon.

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A sad question indeed,,,,,,

Nissan should take note of this question. It's very revealing of peoples' concerns isn't it.

What a sad indictment when we're all basically, really asking - "Has yours blown up yet?" :-(


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billbow said:
Nissan should take note of this question. It's very revealing of peoples' concerns isn't it.

What a sad indictment when we're all basically, really asking - "Has yours blown up yet?" :-(

Not so Billbow, I asked the question to see how far the motors have travelled to date and to get some good feedback for these motors on the forum for a change. If I remember correctly, scamp was saying that 250,000 miles (400,000k's) was common for these motors overseas and they are widely used in trucks and vans.

IMHO, most of us will post when we have a problem but we do not post when things are going well, just human nature.

I am not in any way sticking up for Nissans customer service history, if they had any business sense, they would rectify any problems quickly and give the customer a good experience whilst doing so - loan car etc...!!

Anyway, so far we have Teabag's dad at 220k's, dirty wheels at 263k's (do you think it may not have gone bang if you had EGT and boost gauges installed?) and waveriders mate at 270k's.

Looks like waveriders mate is in the lead at the moment :-D


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whitie said:
do you think it may not have gone bang if you had EGT and boost gauges installed?)

Why should 3.0 owners have to have these. This is the only non modified engine I know of,where the owner need to have non factory gauges to prevent explosions.

Nissan need to get there crap off our shores, and supply an engine that is rugged and reliable.

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Nissan Aust surveys - any one done one ? I was contacted by my local Nissan dealer after the 30K serviceand told I'd was to be sent a survey form by Nissan Aust but it never came. I chased them a couple of times because there were things i wanted to raise but the survey form never came. I doubt they'd listen though...

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GUDeano said:
"Why should 3.0 owners have to have these. This is the only non modified engine I know of,where the owner need to have non factory gauges to prevent explosions."
I agree, we shouldn’t have to modify new cars, but some of us will regardless.
I’ve been driving LC 80’s and 100's for then last 17 years, and had to have something that has some get up and go. The 3.0Di was the only thing I found that came close, but there’s always room for improvement. It would be nice if we didn’t have to make changes, but in this case I think it’s necessary.

Oct 2002 3.0Di with 178,XXXkm @11/2011
Replaced fan belt @ 80,000km, MAF at 100,000km and Belt tensioner at 115,000km
Replaced Glow Plugs at 154K and fitted 30 second Glow Plug Timer after finding broken glow plug tips.
No other problems apart from stripping some wheel nuts.
Replace Air, Oil & Fuel Filters every 10k. Use Penrite SIN 0W50 Oil with CHEM AW10.
Mods: 3” Dump, 4" Metalic 100cpsi Cat & 3” flow through exhaust system, Dtronic, Blocked EGR & 2 Stage Manual Boost Controller (16psi) and Water/Methanol Injection. Walbro lift pumps and Sedimenter, Provent 200 and Crosscountry4x4 Intercooler & Fan. MAF voltage control and Fuel Cut Defender.

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GUDeano said:
Why should 3.0 owners have to have these. This is the only non modified engine I know of,where the owner need to have non factory gauges to prevent explosions.

Nissan need to get there crap off our shores, and supply an engine that is rugged and reliable.
As soon as we raise the suspension, bigger tyres etc, etc, etc, we are placing additional stresses on the engine and driveline, this is the same if it is a 2.8, 4.2 or even your 6.5. You modify things, other external forces come into play. Engine modifications are not the only mods that affect reliability.

For me I realise that I am asking more of my truck than it was originally asked/designed for and so the guages are a form of monitoring/safety net.

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GUDeano said:
Why should 3.0 owners have to have these. This is the only non modified engine I know of,where the owner need to have non factory gauges to prevent explosions.

Nissan need to get there crap off our shores, and supply an engine that is rugged and reliable.
Deano, I know that hindsight is a wonderful thing to have, but it is only typically used after some experience.

With what some of us have been experiencing (yourself included), it would be wise for the rest of us to install the pyro and boost gauges because in most cases - prevention is better than the cure.

The 3ltr is a good motor, it even won design awards. Unfortunatelly, this does not come without a level of sophistication - electronics.

Electronics are not as rugged as the motors and tend to do strange things at times, just ask a range rover owner (I used ot be one!). I am sure that this motor without the electronics would be just as reliable as the good ol' 4.2 - but alas, we have to move on.

We will see electronics with all it's follies in increasing ammounts, I believe that a pyro and boost gauge is a small price to pay to keep an eye on these new high tech motors. I mentioned before that I thought these gauges should be standard from factory but in the meantime, let's put them on and avoid all but proper mechanical failures.

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