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Hi everyone,my names John in Vic ,
being a new member here, i thought i'd introduce myself
before i embarasss myself with a silly question or 5 in the future.!

I've recently bought a 2006 Patrol ST Gu 3.0TD, first real 4x4 and am lovin it to bits,
especially after driving my truck allday, then hopping into it to drive home now,
feels like absolute luxury to what ive ever been accostommed to.
I bought it from a dealer, and it was previously owned as a company vehicle,
and the previous owner did a trip or two i'd guess, by the few upgrades completed.

ie. old man emu susp. with airbags,
bigger tyres
factory snorkel,
arb bar.
twin battery system.

And as my title suggests, ..."thank you"
thats to all of you who contribute here on this forum, as i have used
this and Your questions and answers to help me learn heaps ,
and understand so much leading up to the day i found my rig.
I don't think alot of you realise how much , your help is appreciated by people such as myself,
who are a bit hesitant before buying a 4x4 Nissan to join this forum , and very thirsty for knowledge.

cheers, John
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