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Hey guys,

I’ve been using this site for a year or two now, and after buying my 3rd patrol, I thought I’d introduce myself. I’m from Brisbane, and have enjoyed 4wding for many years now, whenever I get a chance to go out!

1st – 2006 auto GU with ZD30, sold it 9 months after purchase as it was starting to have a few niggling issues. Paid too much, didn’t make money on it! Was fairly stock when I got it, I put 2” lift, front e-locker, kut snake flares, rear drawers etc.

2nd – 1998 manual GU with RD28, bought it about 6mths ago, not running, needed new harmonic balancer. Got it very cheap, have pulled the engine and gearbox out and am in the process of fitting an LS1 with a TD42 gearbox. Work in progress!

3rd – only picked it up on Sunday, 1995 manual GQ with TD42, DTS turbo and 3” exhaust, 3” Superior lift, along with other mods. It’s a really neat body, only 3 little rust spots, but there’s quite a lot of crazing in the paintwork. (pic of this one attached)
Improvements to this rig that I’m considering:
  • Raptor coating body
  • Locker in front, and maybe replace LSD in rear
  • Better wheels and tyres!
  • Stedi headlights (existing ones are hopeless at night) and spotties
  • Winch
  • Rear bar
  • Rock sliders
  • New brakes

Cheers 😊


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Nice. Welcome to the forum.
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