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Hydrogen Fuel Cell Kits - What's your thoughts?

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I know there are two other threads but i think this site has a little more info/thought put into it and the car kit doesn't cost thousands. The bloke that designed/sells this lives in Sarina just outside of Mackay, close enough for me on the way home.

I've been looking at this website for awhile now Hydrogen Fuel Cells Australia debating to take the plunge and try it out on my patrol as i'm driving 1oookms weekly to get to work so i'm looking at the long term savings with the other benefits.

I know everyone has their theories but has anyone physically tried something like this before?
Is there any problems that you can foresee in the future?

vvvv My GQ is a '90 LWB 4.2TDT with a W2A cooler for the record. vvvv;)
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I attended a demo in decemebr regarding hydrogen fuel cells being developed by RMIT.

The system demo, is being developed for use at remote radio sites. The system requires low dc voltage, to make it work. ( ie a solar panel was used to generate hydrogen)

It would be too large for use in a vehilce, but perfect for a remote site, as the only fuel required is ionised water.
MikeH - you are correct, this is the intended application.

The demo system was small, but they are working on 5 KVA systems.

Ideal for remote sites as this type of system would require less mainataince. Also removes the need for gen sets, that are at a lot of solar / batterys sites.
1 - 2 of 17 Posts
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