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I did some weighing about 10 years ago;

weighed my TD42 out of a 90 maverick

352 kg

not including coolant or bellhousing

including all of the following with weights for some individual components (most are rounded to nearest kg):

extractors (8kg)
oil and filters
flywheel inc bolts (15.2kg)
clutch plate (1.8kg)
pressure plate inc. bolts (9.2kg)
air con compressor
intake manifold
injector pump
water pump
main air cleaner (not pre-cleaner) (4kg)
engine mounts (2kg)
p/s pump (4kg)
fan (2kg)
starter (6kg)

Weighed my manual 90 maverick drivetrain as it normally is, all bolted together.
gearbox, transfercase, bellhousing, shift fork and thrust bearing, shifters, handbrake assembly, oil, crossmember.
No driveshafts


(this one is not my work.... but someone else wrote;
"i weighed a transfer case I have at 53kg with the handbrake chit on it")
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