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hi all just currently making my turbo setup i have a 92 gq efi4.2 but its running straight gas atm decided to get rid of the fuel completely so im running duel gas tanks it runs alot smoother and no loss in power.

i am running a gas research tb will have stainless cooler piping and modified efi intake manifold,

on the hot side im making a log manifold externally gated with a gt35/40 bb turbo.

i have a mate that has done same setup now and is running the scorcher ignition system witch runs a new dizzy to compensate for boost it all works well but i wanted to look into other options before i go spending over 1200 on a dizzy lol.

MY question is has anyone ran a wasted spark style setup with coils? or individual coil packs ? or any other ideas that have worked well my main reason also is wanting the coils so i wont have any problems with water holes and water getting into a dizzy and causing problems.

has any body used this??

HPX by Electromotive, Inc.

have a look and check it out would be good to get some ideas up from people that have been there and done that cheers..

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