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G'day guys.
As a new member, and a forum whore, I know the drill...

- Don't post new threads without searching first...

I have no issue with that, and I've found a ton of info in relation to what I'm looking for. Unfortunately, nearly all the threads I dig up that are exactly what I need, the images are no longer there.
Be it, the user deleted their photo bucket account, or the URL they linked is broken or has moved, whatever. Its pretty frustrating.

On other forums I've moderated, we've had a feature where the image that you're attaching is actually downloaded by the site, and saved locally (on the forum server) and referenced locally, so the image will never disappear.

Size was an issue at one point, so we auto scaled the image (very easy to do with some php) and it was just a little bit of extra disk that was purchased.
Good thing disk space is actually pretty cheap.
I assume this server is hosted on a VPS, so its easy to expand.

Can we implement something like this ?
I think it would server as an excellent resource for many GU owners in future.

Lots of the threads have only been 2 years old, and they're virtually useless.

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I don't use photo bucket or anything else, I just download through the normal channels using the paperclip (manage attachments in the pane above) to the forum server and they are there forever. The only issue there is that if your pics are larger than say .3mp they use too much width area in the post and you have to scroll across the page to view, .3 is just nice, very easy and simple.

My 2 cents worth.
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