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Last week I had great please yet again flying from Manila to Amsterdam with KLM. Not the best airline in the world but it has one of the most direct routes into europe (15 hours approx.). After a few hours I started watching the film called "The Cove". Now I was completely shocked at what is going in Japan in regards to Dolphins and what happens in that cove. Once I got to my hotel I decided to look into the matter more and found out that the killing of dolphins is multi billion dollar trade around the world from Iceland to Japan. I was totally shocked that this has been kept so quite until 2010.

I was quite disturbed by the film and the other items I found on the internet afterwards in regards to killing of dolphins and how it is done. I not sure how many of you have seen it but for me especially I couldn't believe that this was going on in 2010.

I'm not Green Peace tree hugger or a anti this or a anti that but this is borderline cruelty to animals on mast scale. Maybe I'm over reacting as its a dolphin's. We do not kill chickens or cattle in such cruel way. My parents are retired farmers so I also see both sides of the story in regards to killings animals. Is this a media thing or hype - No I do not think so because the sea turns red with spilt blood with out the help of camera and will continue to do so for some time yet.

Short Version 3 mins approx.

Long Version 15 mins approx.
YouTube - The Cove Extended Clip - Japan

A different angle on the cove. I agree with everything he says within reason.
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