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Injectors and Turbo's

Hey all :D

Newbie here, another limey invaiding your patrol library of a forum :bigthumb: never seen soo much info! love it!

ive nearly completed a full rebuild of a TD42 Y60, High roof, Auto Diesel. i think i'm posting in the right place but Nissan cant (wont) even tell me where my trucks from! 99% sure its an import but it was made and 1st registered in the UK in 1999 so not sure? anyway Nissan are denying all knowledge of it so it must be!

Problem i have is its a turbo version but i brought it without turbo/manifold/exhaust so i was wondering if it would run without a turbo just so i can get on the road? or will i need to change the injector nozzels back to 113's (think thats right!) or can i stick with the existing ones (121 i think)?

I'll prob turbo it again but cash flow is a bit low at the moment so any ideas help welcome :)

Many thnks

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1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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