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Insa Remoulds (AT / MT / Centipede copies)

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Anyone tried these?

Insa Turbo remould 4x4 tyres 15" 16" 17" mud and all terrain

They can be had for under $200 each in 285/75/16.

Current listings on eBay for this size / price include tread pattern copies for Yoko MT, typical MT (older BFG MT style), Mickey Thompson MTZ, and apparently he's out of stock, but in a few weeks he'll also have the Simex Centipede copies available. Also BFG AT and a couple of other styles too. Ignore the size availability chart on the insa site, as the range has just expanded.

They're apparently a bead to bead remould (not a re-tread).

I was tempted to give them a go for some play tyres, but I just picked up a used set as a bargain on eBay.
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Did anybody end up trying a set?
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