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Had an intelligent key low power light come up the other day so must have been locking the doors too much.
Never knew there was a hidden key inside as apart from opening a locked door if the car battery is flat there seems no other function.
Anyway here are some pictures and some useful You tube links to how to open the case to access battery.

List of battery sizes - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

They call for on the You Tube Videos a CR2032 (20 x 3.2 thick) but when I opened mine it has a CR2025 (20 x 2.5 thick) To play safe I am relacing mine with what is in it this time around, would be interested to know if others also have the CR2025 or CR2032 as volts are both 3V

5 Piecs Card Maxell CR2025 Button Coin Cell Lithium Battery 3V | eBay


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