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Interchangable parts thread.

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I thought I would start this thread as a great deal of nissan stuff is interchangable and so this thread may help those that do not know this find their parts easier and/or cheaper. So the idea is list up what parts from a different model nissan (or indead any other car) are interchangable with patrol parts be that G60, MQ, GQ or GU.

Now most of us know that the suspension and diffs are interchangable between GQ and GU but lets see what else works (will no mods or VERY LITTLE mods) on the Patrols. When posting in this thread please try to include year models, engine configuration, etc to ensure that you are not giving anyone a "bum steer".

I'll start with just a couple of items I know that you may or may not know and will think of more later no doubt. I will get Graig (green 4x4) to post in here as he is a walking text book when it comes to interchangable parts but beware he knows of landcruiser stuff, such as front end bearings, that are interchangable with the GQ and are considerably cheaper and so the word landcruiser will be mention here at least once.

Once again lets try keep the chit chat to a minimum in this thread.

  • Steering box from a GU patrol fits GQ patrol and is a larger/stronger box.
  • Steering wheel from a pulsar, pathfinder, pintara (plus others) fit a GQ or GU patrol.
  • Rear LSD diff centre from a VG30 (petrol V6) 1990 model, etc pathfinder fit the the front of a GQ or GU patrol giving you an LSD front diff (ensure that the ratio is the same as your existing ratio)
  • Headlight/Indicator/Wiper combo switch from a 1992 (and all early pathfinders) are the same as that of a GQ patrol. If the pathfinder switch has a variable speed intermitant dial and your GQ does not then the switch will still work but the variable speed intermitant dial will not.
  • Seat belts, ashtray, wiper arms, etc from an early 90's model pathfinder also fit GQ patrol.

I will update this thread as I think of more but feel free to share your knowledge
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your just trying to hock off all your GQ stuff to people that dont have a GQ arnt you..........

exhaust manifolds from TB42 and TD42 are interchangeable. And if someone can confirm or deny that the exhaust manifold from a FORD 250 crossflow fits that would be good (i have been told it does but never actually seen it)
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Wheel bearings from a Nissan/Datsun 720 are the same as GQ/GU.
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Steering box from a GU patrol fits GQ patrol and is a larger/stronger box.


this one i agree with to a pioint, the GU box does fit and bolts straight in, but the poiman arms are different, thus you require a different steering arm,

There are 2 GQ steering boxes, a small one and a large one, the small one was fitted from 1988 to appro 1993, and they arnt that strong, the larger one is a direct bolt up replacement, having the same pitman arm as the smaller box, but phisically the same size and strenght of the GU box,

Also, the Viscus hubs on the Petrols and diesels,

Petrol TB42 viscus hubs are not rebuildable,
Diesel TD42 viscus hubs are rebuildable, and can be fitted to the TB42 as long as you use the TD42 fan blade as well,
i believe VL commodore viscus hubs are the same as TD42 and are a bolt on fit,
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Ryco Z9 oil filter fits TB42, is larger and cheaper.
for front axle tube seals you can also use hj75 landcruiser seals, retail about $2.50 instead of around $20
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gq/gu & 80/100 ser toyota front arm bushes r same
inport nissan 180sx steering wheel fits gq
std 80/100 ser toyota front springs & shocks = aprox 3" lift in gq
100 ser and also some current prado rear bump stops fits front of patrol, prado ones fit better but rare.
late model gq steer box [ 082 ]is stronger , but early steer box pitman arm wont fit as mentioned earlyer . 082 has thicker sector shaft
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you can fit a gu steer box, if you have a adjustable front steering arm that uses external tie rod ends and useing a gu tie rod end at top of steering arm.
Green 4 x 4 this sounds like a cross word you have all the clues thanks heaps any info is better than none MOARY:D :angel:
Bluebird blinker/headlight stalk fits MQ/MK (same part #)

Mitsubishi Canter U bolts fit MQ/MK rear springs - just need to enlarge the bottom plate holes to 20mm from memory. Good for HD springs as they plenty long enough for 10 leaf packs and very strong.
New I'd think of more. GQ and GU 4wd engaging hubs are the same as are GQ and MQ bonnets.
Yes, it is an old thread but need to resurrect it to find out if there is more interchangable parts from Pathfinders and ummmmh..... Landcrusiers :-( .... or other vehicles I might find in Canada or the US with my Safari (aka GQ).

So fire away green4x4 and everyone else cause I am really stuck with only two parts suppliers here in Canada which don't have a lot of what I want or may need on hand.
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Would a1989-1994 Nissan 240SX S13 turbo manifold cross over. It looks like the bolt pattern is the same. Or might one of the UD 6 cylinder turbo manifolds cross over?
240SX's are a NA KA24E and later models had the KA24DE.

180SX's ran the CA18DE/DET and series 2's ran the SR20DE/DET.

Aint going to fit a TD42, UD manifold could fit with minor modifications. Not 100% as I haven't had much to do UD motor's.
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