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Hi guys, recent member and first time posting, awesome site though.

I'm very interested in getting myself a SWB patrol any model from 1983-1990 depending on price and what I'm able to find. I'm only on my Red P-plates in QLD. But I love SWB patrols. I want something that'll be able go off-road and not explode like the Lancers you see P-platers driving. As well as a couple of bikes on a trailer, but still be ok for a quick trip in to the city.


- What's the fuel economy like? With the 2.8L 6cyl petrol and with the 3.3L 6cyl diesel (with or without turbo) - I'm no stranger to fuel guzzlers though, buying fuel for the V8 Discovery I learnt to drive on.

- Are there any major engine or other component problems with old shorties? Anything I'll have to worry about?

- What kind of life should I expect from say an '83 with 200,000km on it?

- And one last one, Do you usually find a lot of parts at wreckers or are they hard to come by?

Cheers guys, thanks for the help.
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