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Hi All,

Wondering if anyone in Brisbane (or close surrounding suburbs) would be able to help me out (sell me :) ) some GQ interior trim parts for my Y60 ute.

From the research i have done ive seen that many parts are interchangeable between the two models.

Ive put an add in the 'wanted' section aswell but figured i would chuck it up here to see if i cant speed things up a bit.

Im after the following parts:

  • Stock steering wheel, (grey)
  • Steering column trim, both upper and lower pieces + screws (grey)
  • Gauge cluster surround trim + screws (grey)
  • Manual gear box shift lever + rubber boot
  • Glove box lid with hinge, screws and working lock
Plus perhaps some more bits and pieces that i have forgotten about (cough ARB steel winch bar, cough :D).

Please, if anyone is parting out a GQ or has these parts send me a PM and we can work something out.

Hairy :punkrock:

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good luck with the steering wheel, the foam goes loose so they are sought after. Best bet is a wrecker for that. Nissan pulsar steering wheel is a popular swap. most nissan wheels will fit.
I have a grey dash surround in Perth but due to the bulk postage will be a bit.
for the column trim try nissan genuine, they tend to be cheap for bits like that. otherwise I think I might have one somewhere.

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Member 'Purplebus' might be able to help you out, send him a PM. He sells all sorts of parts and is at Glasshouse Mtns.
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