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Hi all,
Absolutely great site. Just bought a GQ 89 TB42 and learning to luv the 4x4 scene.
The truck was a bit of a basket case when I first got it but having fun no matter how.

Ist week into owning the beast the coolant level was disappearing fast all the time and 2nd week found some water starting to come out of the exhaust...Crap!!
Out came the head and head gasket was blown at #6 and pistion area full of coolant. head sent away but no gasket kit added and now good as gold.

Then ran like a pig from 3 dodgy spark leads, vac hoses missing just for seconds, because of your great download section on workshop manuals the job was made that much easier. Have never done a head gasket before but am patient and mechanically sound.

thanks again guys and gals.


Amazing what some black paint...some rolls of black tint....and a wash does



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Welcome Smiley. Very tidy bus given what you've been through!

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Welcome Smiley.

Good work on the head gasket fix. Did you tint the windows yourself?
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