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hey guys,

i have been looking at getting another patrol, and have come across a 3.0lt 02 patrol.
now i have been reading the web site andother sites top to bottom about the "grenade".

i have seen that it seems to be only the gu I to GU II that have had the major problems.
so i was wondering whati should be lookingat when i goto have a look at the patrol.
its a GUIII 2002 dx 3.0TD with 29x. thou on the clock:confused:..
i had a 2.8 lifed 35's ect with close to that and never missed a beat, but thought i would ask about this one first.

would apreciate any info, and please refrain from telling me only to run because you think 3lts are grenades, i would apreciate any insight i can get about these motors and cars in general. and what little things i should be looking out for.

thanks guys
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