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Just Another Dual Cab GQ "The Judge"

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I have been a member her for a while and i thought id better get around to doing a build up of the truck i've pieced together over the last few years..

It started as a basically bog stock white TD42 wagon, 300,000kms on the clock with nothing but a set of tow springs in the rear as the old bloke i bought it from used it to tow a caravan.

Thought we had better see how it goes stock in the ditch around the corner. it didn't go so well and nearly go it stuck hah.

it didn't stay stock long and with the addition of a UHF tx4400 a set of XGTs and my Alpine sound system from my last car it started to feel a bit more like mine.
couldn't leave the stock suspension in it for too long so it was ditched in favour of a 5" superior engineering kit with HD springs, EFS extreme shocks, superior panhards, castor plates & brake lines. A mate and i cut the rear quarters at the same time.

At the same time i added a set of 35" Hankook RT03 MT's and a set of 15" rock crawler big offset steelies and went for a second test in the ditch

it didn't change much for quite a while but had alot of fun in it.

i got given a 3.5" Safari snorkel head as a gift cos i wanted to make a stainless snorkel so i tracked down all the pipe and bends, cut everything to size and took it to a mates dad who is plays with stainless for a living and he came up with this!

i ended up getting a very lucky defect notice; lucky in that he could have got me for a lot more or made me go over pits.. but he was a cop on a bike specifically looking for oversize tyres (HE HAD NO IDEA!!!). By this time i had also put a Denco turbo kit on it with exhaust stopping right before the rear diff. With the defect notice i decided to track down some 33's and i swapped my Hankooks for some MTZ's (which i wouldn't recommend nor waste money/time on ever again)

To be continued
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it was my goal from the start to end up with a blue dual cab and it took a long time to get there but the cut down began (performed by Bowie at Beerwah)

and a strip down and prime for paint

also got some sliders and my tray (also built by Bowie) and i modified my bullbar and got them all powder coated by caloundra powdercoating

with the ute back from the Painters the piece back together began.

with the ute put together it was time to improve the suspension setup some more. did this by sticking with Superior and went some mecavel Draglink and Tierods. Also sick of the limits of castor plates went with some superflex arms. Results were fantastic!

about this time i ordered a custom water to air intercooler kit from frozen boost and modified it to fit the TD and Denco kit, also bought a GU airbox and swapped it out for the Pod filter and finally connected up the snorkel.

more to come
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We bought a roof top tent and i made up some frames for a 5000km trip taking in 5 states/teritories from Brisbane QLD inland down to Tamwoth NSW, on to Canberra ACT, then to Melbourne VIC ending at Mt Gambier SA. We turned around and drove back along the coast from about Eden up and all done in two weeks. A lot of driving but the girlfriend and i loved it and the "Ebay Special" Roof tent performed flawlessly!

Since then we went to Expo weekend at Cruiser and had a great time, even gave her a drive on camp road. she got some photos of me heading down.

I was also finally able to get rid of the MTZs and get another set of Hankooks (33's this time) and i wont be buying anything else again.

and the latest thing i have done is add a D-Gas System! love the extra power and the fuel savings are good too...

im up in Yeppoon now and driving around Rocky a bit so if ya see me beep your horn or say hello!
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Wow Epic build mate one of the best Dual cab GQ's ive seen!

Love the colour!

EDIT: Btw i think a chrome Grill would set your truck off!!
cheers mate.. yeah a chrome grill and a shiny ally chequer plate top for the bulbar was always the plan but have never got around it to...
I was also finally able to get rid of the MTZs and get another set of Hankooks (33's this time) and i wont be buying anything else again.

Earlier in your thread you said you'd never get hancooks again... or were you referring to the Mickey Ts?

Those hancooks look a nice tyre!

BTW Rad rig mate!
nah LOVE the Hankooks!! i was put onto them by a mate and since then have put 4 other people onto them too and everyone rates them very highly. The MTZ's were what i was referring to. I had a horrible run on them. In putting the Hankooks back on, the change in the vehicle felt like the difference between driving a tractor and a BMW....
Very well done indeed. Love the colour aswell. Very tidy looking rig and set up well.
Just need that bling chrome grille to finish it off in the looks department. Keep the pics coming
Great truck, very well done.

Talk to Purplebus about a chrome grille.
Wow mate, certainly seems like you hit the nail on the head. a rig that will confidently do camp road yet also eat up 5000km of Touring oz. Well thought out. Nice work. I too have heard many similar complaints about the Micket Thompson MTZ ans ATZ. Cheers mate and Congrats
Thanks for the positive comments... i was very happy with the way the colour came out too.. i wanted the metallic blue from the new holden range but metallic was going to cost and extra grand or more so i chose a couple of flat blues that were similar and it turned out like no other colour vie seen.

the camping setup should only get better.. im designing and building (with the help of a boily from work) a slide on camping solution. cos as everyone with a roof top tent knows, they're an amazing idea until you've setup camp and wanna go for one last run because ur ice is running out or you've forgot the milk... hah..
Nice truck i love dual cabs i seen it up cruiser park on the expo weekend this year and thougt it was great
Will beep if i see you out, i am in yeppoon. Watch out for popo with that big lift :)
have heard that the 5-0 don't like foubies up this way... have been thinking about going a bit lower anyways... see what happens...
great looking truck..but no offence glad you live in Yeppoonn..hehe

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hah go the blue dual cabs! im calling #1 in the blue dual cab club!
bit of an update got some free time so i finally finished the install on my second battery (a ***** of a job) as well as an oil catch can (long overdue).

started with one of these

with the idea of modifying one of these to fit inside it.

in the end i got the *****s and extended the outlet tube a bit lower in the can and stuffed it full of steel wool. its no provent but it should be better that nothing.

and the battery tray is made out of some ally aircon duct, builders strap and a lot of pop rivets and bolts. Sounds rough but its very strong and i couldn't do much else. Highmount turbo and GU airbox restricts space dramatically... so i have an old ARB tray that i cant use now. hah.

the catchcan is all the way in the back corner under the filter/primer and behind the compressor. (hopefully hook the compressor up today with the second battery finally in. also wanna find some rigid heat shield to protect the battery and compressor from the turbo a bit more... its starting to get a bit tight back there...

time to get out and do some of this :driving:
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looks like a nice clean setup - i would advise to try and put a heat shield between the battery and that turbo. the last thing you want is heat effecting that nice new battery.
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