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Hey guys,

4wd Action magazine is having some specials atm, there's an offer for a KCI air compressor worth $189 for $150 & 7 free issues of the magazine.

It seems like a really good deal, was wondering if anybody had an opinion on the air compressor?? If it's going to spit the dummy after a few uses, it's not going to be worth it, no matter how good a deal it may seem.


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I was sucked in on that deal awhile ago. Got to use once, it died after the first tyre.
Rang them up and told them about it all they did was give me another 12 months subs for free.
There might be some out their that are ok, just saying mine was [email protected]
Went and brought a bushranger and not had a ounce of trouble with it.
Old saying you get what you pay for.

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