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Hey lads,
Im having issues getting my newly installed kemo timer adjusted. I installed the timer after the write up from member skegbudley's "zd30 di glow plug timer mod". I have both green and red light but just can't adjust it properly. My timers batch number is 08038SE.
Shortest time out (red light goes off and power cut on glow plug bus bar) is 2.5 seconds, which is basically just off the closed position all the way to the left. Just an ultra micro millimeter more to the right and it goes straight up to 1 min 40 seconds or more. Its just impossible for me to get anywhere near 1 minute or less. I tried different relays, also took the relay out completely and connected the ecu wire directly to the "start" pin on the timer without any change.

Has anyone heard or experienced this issue before?

I'm pretty confident it's wired correctly but just not sure if it's wiring related or maybe the timer is broken.

Any feedback on this issue would be greatly appreciated. Thanks


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