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KL71s or Bighorns...

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Im between a rock and that other place....

I can get the Bighorns quite a bit cheaper.... will have alot of road use...

Gimme some opinions.... educated or simply biased! :)
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Mate love my KL71s. just the bloody greatest!!

just got back from a big trip on them and gave them curry and they came out shining.

on my recommendation and after seeing them on my car a friend tried to get some for his 100series. Got a good price quoted at $265 ea so placed the order.... got a call the following day to say that there is NO STOCK IN OZ and could be up to 6 months waiting!! Check it out mate. IF you can get the Kuhmos go for it.
Sure mate,

I have posted a fair bit on the KL71s on the review thread but will post a few here for you mate.

First a pic of the car before with the Coopers on in 265s

Fitted the KL71s in a 285/75 16 on neg 6 offset

Neg 6 offset works a treat

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Haven't downloaded most of my photos from the trip yet but here are a few that i have available.

Did 6000kms up through the Centre in the Wettest year in a few decades, saw heaps of Mud, Sand, Water, Corrugations and these things just Ate it up. Never any doubt that they were going to pull through anything i threw at them.

The Old Ghan Heritage trail still had the Red Gum sleepers imbedded in the track as if the corrugations weren't bad enough lol

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1 - 3 of 13 Posts
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