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Leaky oil filter - why?

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Have an annoying oil leak which i have tracked down to be the oil filter.
There was oil and crap all through the engine bay (pretty thick too) when i got the GQ and assumed that the sump needed tensioning.
Anyway, did an oil and filter change and cleaned it all up only to find that it is the oil filter that is leaking and not the sump.
Going by the massive amount of oil in the bay previous, im going to assume the old filter was leaking as well as the new one.
Now, the filter is on properly and tight - ive done filters many times before and this one was no different - so why is it leaking?
Is there something missing from the block like a filter extension or something?
The seal on the filter is good so i can only assume that there is something missing.
You can see a bolt hole for something under the filter, however, im not sure if there is or isnt one above it.
The engine is a TB42 carby/auto.
Any ideas?

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Z170 is the correct filter
(Although some use the Z9,i dont and never will)
They are a pain to do where they are

If its something that has happened on the last few changes ,sounds like the surface area is not flat or somethings making it not seat up properly
If its just on this one,maybe something (dirt, grit,ect)has got on the seating seal while trying to get it fitted

If the thread is cross threaded,surely it woud be noticeable
I mention the Z9 as some have resorted to this as a cheaper alternative to the Z170
Z9 under $10,Z170 Mid to high $20

I looked into this a while ago,but for the sake of a few $$$ i wasnt riskin the TB42
(These are the same filter as the L28,MQ/MK engines)

Before undoin it (and replacing it)id give it all a good clean down,grab the oil filter remover and nip it up a bit tighter (dont crush the filter)
1 - 2 of 19 Posts
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