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Hi guys

Here's a few pics of our new LEGENDEX exhaust system being installed on a 3L GU Patrol. GOOD NEWS: We've updated our design for the 3L GU exhaust systems so it is no longer necessary to remove the sway bar when installing the exhaust.

The stock system compared to the new Legendex exhaust system. Extreme temp ceramic coated dump pipe with EGT (pyro) bung, hi-flow stainless core cat, 800c thermal paint on the 3" 409 stainless tube, ultra-heavy duty wrap-around hangers and brackets... it's the toughest performance exhaust out there ...
Read more about the Legendex features here.

Maximum clearance over the axle, uses the factory mount points... only a 20 minute install once you get the old system off and you don't need to use a hoist (although obviously we used one here for maximum efficiency).

The FREE (current offer) Unifilter Off-road air filter combo pack and stock airfilter. The filter is a washable re-usable foam filter that flows as well as a K&N filter but filters twice as much as the K&N. The foam element comes in two parts, an inner (grey) layer and an outer (red) layer. The combo pack comes with a spare outer foam layer (folded flat it is the red rectangle in the photo) for a quick easy change in very dusty conditions. Then you can just wash the foam elements when you get home. The washing liquid and re-oiling liquid are included with the kit. See more info on the Unifilter here.

We also have a couple of movie clips showing the sound in-cab and also drive-by but I have to figure out how to post a movie clip here or get them hosted on Youtube. I post a link when I get it sorted.

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