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Guys, lets compare all of our fuel and LPG usages..

Couple weeks ago I just bought this 02 GU3 4.8 manual dual fuel in great condition off auction for almost peanuts! The body, interior and driveline seems to be in very good condition (some tiny dents and stains here and there) and the motor have just done 334,000kms! New head and extractor/header was put in sometime ago according to my mechanic's pre purchase inspection. Fingers crossed, hope it will give me at least few years of big trouble free...

Now to my fuel usages so far.. I have 115 litre LPG tank but really can only use 92/93 litre due to that you cannot fill over 80 percent of the tank) and using the old ring LPG system, my car did 322kms with 92 litres of LPG therefore its 28.57 L/100km half freeway and metro traffic. With the sub tank of petrol which only have 35 litre, did 165kms therefore 21.21 L/100km of full metro traffic. I expected it to be thirty but am very impressed with the power it offered... I am thinking of changing the old ring LPG system to the newer injection system I hear will be better. I havent yet done the low gear range work and sand work. Tyres are Toyo 265's but not sure about psi that is in them. Should i increase it to 35 psi?

Hey share your fuel/LPG figures with us all and hope it can help us all to see the average figures and see if we can improve it or make it worser :D !
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