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Lithium 12V Batteries Brands?

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I'm starting to see heaps of 12V Lithium Batteries hitting the market, most seem pretty reasonably priced and well spec'ed. Let's start a guide to what is out there, their specifications, cost and where to buy them. Any user experience and discussion would be good to. I don't want this to turn into a system discussion, just the batteries themselves. Any chat about charge controllers, BMS or installation should be directed elsewhere.

It would be important to list only 12V batteries, $ and Ah. That way east $/Ah can be worked out.

VoltX (first one I Googled)
$469 for 100Ah ($4.69/Ah)
  • Built-in Battery Management System protects against over-charging, over-discharge and short-circuiting
  • High quality prismatic cells
  • Up to 2000 Life Cycles
  • Can last up to 7 years
7-years doesn't seem very long for a lithium. My BYD home batteries are supposed to go over 10.
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What did it cost you to build?
I was thinking that home made lithium batteries would make a good interesting thread on its own.
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Just curious, what’s the weight of the 105ah?
I’m trying to decide if it’s worth the risk buying a built unit from AliExpress. I’ve seen 280ah units for sub $1k.
Seller has good reviews, wide range of options and honest delivery time of early August.
If its under $1000 then they HAVE to be used cells. Brand new A grade matched and batched cells are now around $250 each. Unmatched but still good quality can be had for around $210 plus postage.
They claim A grade cells. They have a wide range with 12v, 24v and 48v units.
I know everyone agrees that it can be hit & miss with AliExpress. This company does seem to get some good reviews.

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Geez this one is well priced

Aussie Batteries, 175Ah for $799 ($4.56/Ah)

Specs are all right, I think I'm gonna get one for the camper trailer. Not likely to exceed 100A continuous on it.
I just went to AussieBatteries this afternoon to get either that Atlas 175 or a Giant 170. They are only. 50 mins up the road.
Young fella who served me recommended the Giant 170 for $899 so I went with that. That Atlas was currently $999.
The Giant has a 150 amp continuous discharge rating so should be ok with my 1500w inverter.
Way cheaper than the Renogy I was looking at and Renogy don’t have a really good reputation for after sales service.

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My Renogy DCDC50 with solar stops the charging current at 14.4v on Lithium profile.
Thanks Jeff, so it is safe for me to modify the max charge voltage to 14.4? How about the float voltage?

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I don’t think lithiums need a float charge because they just maintain their charge for a long time if not used. Could be wrong, I’m new to lithium.
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