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The first Logan districts 4wd club night run for the year and the first of a three round GPS series. We will be trying to put on regular night runs as well.
Remember You MUST join the club if you wish to compete in more than TWO runs.

This is a MED/HARD night run,

GPS is essential you must be able to enter way point using lat and lon

Meeting Location



Saturday March 5th 2011

There will be parking for trailers

Cost- $40.00 for camping overnight or $20.00 if you are just doing the run prices are only for those who compete in the night run
The park will Have hot showers and toilets by then most likely by this weekend so should be a great chance to check out the park on saturday and sunday

Non club members are welcome
we would like you to please buy some raffle tickets at the start to
support the club
& remember only two runs as a visitor before you are required to join.

All vehicles must have front and rear recovery points, and minimum of 1 Snatch Strap, 2 rated shackles, all in good working order.

All vehicles must be able to self recover if required, although this is a club run event, it is not our responsibility to provide recovery, it is recommended to all people attending that they assess all sections prior to attempting them.

As is a condition with all night runs these are a drug and alcohol free events. This apply's for drivers as well as passengers. No exceptions will be made and anyone caught in breach of this will be asked to leave.

if anyone needs to know any more information please reply to this thread or email the club [email protected]

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:victory:Great ! I'll be there with my new toy (RIP Black Rangie) !! So its just like the old Logan night runs but using a GPS instead of a stick map !
Most Garmin GPS's and a few Navman have the ability to enter a Waypoint (Latitude & Longitude) So Borrow or buy one and come along !(my Garmin nuvi only cost $165 and is as accurate as any $2000 unit):cup:
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