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Lokka lock right diffs and broken CVs

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I have been checking out diff locks for a while now and I would settle on the LOKKA from 4WD Systems but for one thing: It can not be turned off manually.

I understand in 2WD with hubs unlocked the diff lock has no affect on the front wheels so the patrol should drive like a stock truck.

In offroad situations the diff lock will always be on unless the auto disengage is triggered by turning on a hard surface.

So getting to the point...

Lets say your gunning it along in some soft sand and the lokka is engaged, all is good. Then there is a big stump on one side of the track and you have to put a wheel on it, I imagine with an ARB locker you would turn the locker off just before you hit the stump to avoid excess strain on that CV as the tyre hooks into the rock. But with the lokka you can not manually turn it off.

In this situation does the Lokka disengage and allow differentiation or does it stay locked and you have to hope for the best with CVs?
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Thanks, I read thier website a few times. I guess what I am trying to get to is it is known that if you are not careful with manual locking diffs (like ARB) you can break CVs.

You don't have the choice of turning off the auto locking diffs so I would hope the design of the auto locking diffs account for this somehow.
Where you may have a problem is where both wheels are spinning and 1 suddenly gains traction, ie driving through mud etc. In this case it does not matter wether you have an air locker or and auto locker the result will be the same.
Ahh, this is what I was getting at, So if you have an auto locker you have to be carefull of the above situation occuring whenever you are in 4WD but with manual locking diffs you only have to worry about it when the locker is engaged. (as far as damage direct form diff locks go anyway).
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