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Looking at 91 TD42 Wagon?????

A mates looking at a 91 wagon TD4.2, its some sort of Special Edition (anyone know about these) with 320 000k's on the clock. It also has aftermarket turbo (DTS or DSR) still covered by warranty, 3" lift, rock sliders, snorkel, 5 seater with cargo barrier BUT the steel bull-bar is homemade with weak links to the chassis, rear sway bar link pins haven't been lengthened & homemade adj. panard rods (cut & welded). Also leaking a little oil around turbo drain pipe around sump.
The body is in excellent condition inside & out, vinyl seats & floors, think its a GLi (Special Edition??).
This info comes from an RACQ inspection, he wanted 10500 but will take 9000 cash before he (my mate) took it for the inspection.
This sounds cool to me but mate wants some other informed input, thanks guys.
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