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Firstly welcome to the forum.

You will need to supply a few details about your Patrol

Tyre size?
Any engine modifications?
How many km has it done?
Ute or wagon?
Any other accessories, such as roof racks bull bars etc.
How much weight does it normally carry?
What sort of driving; city, country, hill, flat etc.
Towing a trailer?
Tyre pressures?

And that's just for starters

But most importantly what is the actual fuel consumption in litters per 100km (L/100km)

Without that consumption figure no one can tell if it's really using a lot of fuel or not maybe what you are experiencing is normal.



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Swap for zd30? heheh!

How much fuel is it actually using.. and DON'T say "err... i get about 600km from a tank". that tells nothing. Do some calcs and give us a L/100km.

That said, my mate had a LC70 6banger on diesel gas and loved it. Thinks the V8 he has now is shyte. So gas sounds good.
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