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G'day guys,
Recently got an 02 st on injected gas.
The gas system is Diego G3 (by KME I think)

When I jump in, it starts on petrol as it should, but it doesn't ever switch over to LPG automatically. I know there are parameters set like engine temp etc before it switches, I left it for a bout 20 mins while driving and it still hadn't switched over so I just do it manually now.

I'm wondering if a flat battery would have erased the settings (Seems weird though, I'd assume it would write to the eprom or something more permanent).

If its normal that lpg settings get wiped with a flat battery i'd want to learn how to tune this myself.
I've downloaded the software off the KME website and am hoping its easy to use, initial thoughts of running the software look extremely complicated, and it does say that an OBD connector is all I need. Just need to find the connection point and see.

anyone have any insight on this, or should I just go to an LPG guy to get looked it at.
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